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Athlete Training Packages

Group Training

These are 30-60 minute sessions held in a group setting. Class size can range from 2-10 athletes per class. Each class will begin with a group dynamic warm up that is specific to the work out of the day. The warm up includes specific injury prevention exercises designed to improve muscle weaknesses and imbalances in each athlete regardless of the sport. The athletes are then brought through an instructional strength portion of the workout in which they learn or review the strength(s) movements of the day. An additional conditioning and/or agility portion will follow ending with a group cool down and stretch. 

Summer Sessions Now Open!

Individual Training

Individual Training is a 60-90 minute session held in a one-on-one setting. This allows for a higher level of specificity training, injury prevention, with more scheduling flexibility. Each session will begin with a series of injury prevention  exercises followed by a individualized strength, agility, and conditioning workout. 

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